You'll need to solve a case, riddles, puzzles & clues to piece together in order to reach the final stage or achieve the game objective before time runs out. ">

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How it Works

How it Works

1. Purchase a license key.

2. A license key will be emailed to you and use it any time in the next 12 months.

3. Once the code has been activated you have 24 hours to complete the game & see how quickly you can finish

4. You will win when you escape within the time limit. Upload your selfie & your result will automatically be published. Make sure to challenge your friends to beat your record.


A computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet access is required.

Keep track of the time.

Volume up to fully immerse yourself in the game. Maybe you will need audio to solve some puzzle?

Try not to see the "solution".

Above all, have a good time.